Photography Tips

To ensure I can achieve the best results for your pet portrait, it is important that I work from clear images which show the unique details of your particular pet such as the fur, eyes, markings, etc. Whenever possible, I prefer to take my own photos of the animal, and would be happy to arrange a photo shoot with clients living in the Temiskaming Shores area. There is no charge for this service, as I find it helpful to me to meet the animal and to have a large selection of photos to work from.

If having me visit you to take photos is not feasible, or if you have your own photos you prefer to use, then if possible please send at least 3 or 4 images. Indicate on the back of each photo best pose, best colour, best eyes, etc. Number photos in order of preference and include any helpful comments. If you wish to send me some new photographs and you are not experienced in capturing pets here are a few tips I hope you will find helpful:

  • Take photos at eye level with the subject to avoid distortion.
  • Photos should be as close up and clear as possible for portrait head detail.
  • Taking your photos on a bright but overcast day will usually give the best results. Avoid using flash if at all possible as it washes out colour and details, and can cause "red eye".
  • Please send digital photos unaltered, and in a high resolution.
  • All printed photos will be returned. I recommend when sending prints which are important to you that you have copies made, and send those to me, just in case they are lost in the mail.     *     R. R. 1, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
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