Following my own path.

I am an artist and self-taught metal smith who has enjoyed playing with fire and hammering things since I was a child. I tried to walk the path expected of me, but that never felt comfortable or right, so as soon as I was able, I followed my own path, first as a professional equestrian trainer and coach, then as an artist and metal smith.

My studio is on my farm near a lovely agricultural town on the northern tip of Lake Temiskaming, surrounded by hundreds of miles of forest and lakes.

Every day, in every season, I am inspired by the life I see around me. The fields and trees, rivers and brooks, the animals and the flowers all inspire the things I create.

Feeling the wind in my hair and the grass under my feet every day has strengthened an innate connection to the earth. Living in an area of commercial mining, forestry and agriculture I see first hand the effect on the earth of every action we make. Jewellery making is no different. In order to minimize the impact of my actions, my studio is designed for environmentally sustainable creativity. The building itself and most of my tools and equipment are up-cycled or re-purposed. As much as humanly possible I use recycled and fair trade materials in my work.

My work follows it’s own path. Simple and organic, rustic and earthy - definitely not refined and mainstream - it embodies strength, independence, transformation, confidence.
 julie@wabibrookstudio.com     *     R. R. 1, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
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