Zen - handcrafted sterling silver and carnelian pendant from Wabi Brook Studio
Handcrafted Carnelian and antiqued sterling silver pendant by Julie A. Brown


Zen. A peaceful, quiet mind. Practicing kindness and compassion.

This pendant was handcrafted from Sterling Silver and Carnelian beads to embody the the qualities of the Zen philosophy.  

Carnelian is believed to have a calming effect and to give inner strength to those who wear it. -

Sterling silver is said to have a soothing, calming effect, and to draw out negative energy and replace it with positive, opening one to express love and kindness.

Pendant Measurements: 

1 3/4" wide x 2" long

Large carnelian stone is 1/2"

Chain - 20" sterling silver

Your pendant will travel from my peaceful, eco-friendly studio to your door via complimentary shipping, protected in a ziplock storage bag and carefully wrapped in environmentally packaging to ensure safe delivery.


 julie@wabibrookstudio.com     *     R. R. 1, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
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