Crossroads, a unisex copper foldformed cuff by Julie A. Brown
back view of foldformed copper unisex cuff by Julie A. Brown
Top view of Crossroads cuff, a foldformed unisex copper cuff


This big, bold cuff will definitely make a statement!

Part of my Topography Series of cuffs, the lines and folds remind me of the crossroads at which we literally and figuratively find ourselves every day.

I cut a piece of copper sheet to size, then heated it with my torch and folded it. This process was repeated many times to create the pattern of lines you see in the finished cuff. I then added some texture to the folds with my hammer, polished the piece, then shaped it into a cuff.

I gave it an ancient-looking verdigris finish, and protected it with five coats of lacquer. The protective lacquer will eventually wear off (how long that takes will depend on how often the cuff is worn, and what is done to it during wear), but it is easily reapplied using any commercial acrylic lacquer.

It measures 8 inches around, and varies from 2.25 to 2.5 inches high.  It is slightly adjustable, and would fit an approximately 8 inch wrist.

Your cuff will arrive via complimentary shipping from my studio to your door, carefully protected in a ziplock bag then wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

$90.00 CAD     *     R. R. 1, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
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