Courage - handcrafted pink agate and sterling silver pendant by Julie A. Brown
Courage - pink agate and sterling silver breast cancer pendant


I hand crafted this sterling silver and dyed agate pendant to support breast cancer awareness.

The agate had been languishing unloved in my stash of stones for many years, its awkward shape and vivid colour not inspiring me to do anything with it. That all changed while rooting through my stash, looking for inspiration for a cancer awareness collection I was creating . Suddenly the stone fit perfectly into my vision, and this pendant is the result. I call it "Courage"

Some of the thoughts behind the design:

The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history.  Agate attracts strength, so is considered very powerful as it gives us the strength to carry on. Important when dealing with something big, right?

The colour pink symbolizes warmth and love, gentleness and beauty. I don't know if this is why pink was chosen as the breast cancer colour, but I think it is crucial to healing and acceptance.

Silver is considered to be the mirror to the soul. A symbol of hope and unconditional love, it is thought to draw negative energy out from the body and replace it with positive energy. Excellent for mental, emotional and physical releasing.

There is a surface crack in the agate. Normally, a stone like this would be discarded, but as I was holding the agate, wondering how it might be used, this line from a song by Leonard Cohen popped into my head: “There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” 

A sterling silver plated chain is included. Available in 16, 18, or 20 inch length. Please indicate your choice when ordering. If no length is noted, I will include a 16” chain.

The pendant will travel from my studio to your door via complementary shipping, carefully protected in a ziplock bag then wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.


Choose Chain Length     *     R. R. 1, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada
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