As promised in my last post here is my Aspiring Metalsmiths Art Jewellery Challenge piece.



A mixed media pendant created from sterling silver, copper from my scrap box and a broken agate I found in a box of odds and ends while spring cleaning my studio.  This design stretched my skills quite a bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.  Interpreting a painting in metal was the perfect marrying of the artist me and the metalsmith me.  I can definitely see myself developing this challenge into a series.  In fact, I have a couple of more designs sketched out, awaiting further development.

More Images of Lawren S. Harris' paintings.
Some Information about  the Group of Seven.  

I have been invited to exhibit some of my jewellery pieces at the Art Gallery of Sudbury (the lovely surprise!) and this piece will be in that collection.  Quite fitting, don't you think?  The pieces should arrive next week and will be available for sale in the Gallery Shop.