I had a very productive day in the studio yesterday, working on a piece for the Aspiring Metalsmiths' April Design Challenge .
For this challenge, we are to design a piece of wearable art with a favourite artist or style in mind.

I have many favourite artists and styles, but I chose to focus on Lawren Harris, a Canadian artist who was one of the founding members of the Group of Seven.  I love the lines in his abstract landscapes.

Painting of Mt. Lefroy by Lawren Harris, 1930 

Unfortunately, the photos I took of my work in progress didn't turn out, so you will have to wait to see my masterpiece!

I hope to finish it today with the help of my new studio assistant:


Lexi is my daughter's dog, home from university for the summer.  She was adopted by my daughter from All Heart Pet Rescue during her Christmas break.  She is a lovely little dog, but is still very insecure and doesn't like to be left alone, so she goes with me to my studio every day while Bethany is at work.  She loves to sit on my comfy chair, especially when I am sitting on it, too!

On my way through the garden to my studio I noticed that the forsythia bush is blooming.


The poor thing is a bit out of it's comfort zone, so we are always amazed and grateful when it flowers.  

I'm off to my studio for another day of creative adventure.  I wonder what surprises I will find on my way?