I don't know where the summer went!  I feel like I have been hitting the ground running every day for so long, running madly off in all directions, that I hardly know if I am coming or going.  So I very much enjoyed my first real holiday in a very long time.  (I only had one business commitment during the week, that is a first for me!)

We based ourselves in Guelph, then made day trips out and about southwestern Ontario.  First up was a trip to Stratford to see Jesus Christ Superstar.  After an eventful start (we first went to the wrong theatre, and had to travel back across town, find parking and the right theatre, which we did just in the nick of time), we thoroughly enjoyed the play.  The cast and production was amazing.  Very worthwhile seeing.  After the play we wandered through the town, window shopping and visiting a few galleries.  Our meandering took us down to the river where we had a picnic and watched the trademark swans.
I could feel the cares and stress fading away.  I can't remember the last time my love and I had a picnic!

Afterward we walked along the river through the Shakespeare Gardens where we stumbled upon this young couple fishing.

Not your typical fishermen, but they were enjoying themselves and brought a smile to my face.
The next day I had a business meeting with Corin, the owner of Pretty Chic Boutique.  We've been trying to connect for months, so thankfully this meeting went off without a hitch.  I am happy to announce that Pretty Chic Boutique in Guelph is the latest stockist of my jewellery!  After that happy bit of business was concluded, I went back into vacation mode, we drove up through Fergus, Elora and St. Jacobs and discovered two wonderful little shops in Elora.
Macadi Jewellery  is a beautiful shop just off the main street, filled with jewellery handcrafted on site by Mandy and Melissa.  The work is elegant and organic, and they also create beautiful one-of-a-kind custom pieces.  I very much enjoyed "talking shop" with these two personable young women.

Just a few doors down we found Styll.  Filled with the most beautiful handcrafted work imaginable, we feasted our eyes onthe beautiful canoe paddles, walking sticks, furniture and on and on. We could have stayed there for hours (and maxed out the credit card!).  There is something for everyone in this gorgeous store.

We finished up the day by stopping at a broom-making shop in St. Jacobs.  They make the sturdiest brooms we've been able to find anywhere, all done in the traditional way in a tiny old shop on the main street.  St. Jacobs is known for it's huge Farmers' Market.   

Afterward we enjoyed a visit with family, which we cut short because of a tornado watch.  The looming clouds and high winds had us hitting the road back to Guelph before the worst of it hit.  Thankfully we just had a majestic thunderstorm with a wonderful lightening show!  A great way to end the day.