I love the hustle and bustle of spring.  It's such a busy time of year here in northern Ontario, with the plants are coming out of their winter dormancy and sprouting up as fast as they can, gardens going in as early as possible - but not too early or the frost will kill the tender plants.  The birds are building nests, hoping to raise their young in time for them to be able to fly south in a few short months.

It's been busy in the studio, too!  So much has been happening I hardly know where to begin.  Most of it is in my latest newsletter.  Not yet a subscriber?  You can sign up here.

Lots of jewellery related things happening, but also some art.  Here is the most recent portrait commission:

Heather and Daquiri , copyright 2012 Julie A. Brown

Graphite and pastel on paper 

Commissioned by three friends for their flatmate Heather who suddenly lost her beloved partner earlier this year.
Memorial portraits are a lovely and personal way of remembering a special four-legged friend.You can see more examples on my Portrait pages

I'd better get back to work!  I have a big wedding jewellery commission to finish.  It's not until July, but deadlines have a way of sneaking up on me!