The grass has not riz, and I know where the birdies is - they are chowing down at our feeders, trying to keep warm on this snowy first day of spring.
Winter is not yet letting go in my neck of the woods, and will still be hanging around for another month or more.

I do love the cold beauty of winter, even though by this time of year I am looking forward to seeing some green.  The ground is covered in a soft white blanket, but other things we don't see the rest of the year are exposed.  One of my favourite gifts of winter are bird nests.  Usually well hidden behind leafy branches, we are able to see these little marvels of nature, often in unexpected places, or created from unusual materials.

This nest, high up in a honeysuckle tree, is made of the usual grass and twigs, but also with a good helping of hair from our Great Pyrenees dogs.  There is a bit of baler twine and strands from woven grain bags to tie it all together.  I think the eggs definitely would stay toasty warm!

This nest is right up at the top of a tree on some quite small branches.  I imagine that when the wind blows, this cradle would really be rocking.

Keeping with the bird theme, I found these tracks fascinating.  So light and delicate on the snow, they look to me like a dinosaur skeleton.

What are some interesting surprises you've discovered during the winter?