I know I must seem obsessed by spring.  After several months of being house and studio bound due to a cold-related health challenge, being able to go outside for more than two minutes makes me a bit giddy.  I feel like a caged bird that's been set free!

One of my favourite things to do as the warmer spring weather melts the blanket of snow is to walk around and see what is uncovered.  

The other day while out exploring with the dogs, we found the long lost Dora the Explorer ball. 

We hadn't been able to find her for most of the winter.  And no wonder!  She had gone exploring quite far from my studio, which is where she was last seen.  The dogs were ecstatic.  Dora is their most loved ball, providing many hours of high speed adventure.


These clay pots have been sitting on my back deck all winter, waiting to be planted with herbs and set in my garden.

Sadly, my garden is still buried under snow.  I will have to wait a few more days to discover what lies beneath it.


The little bed around the tree is bare, but I can't yet get to it.  Julie the Explorer will have to be patient a little longer.