This is another painting I was working on before Christmas and couldn't show you because it was a gift.  I painted this sheep for my husband from a photo he took of one of his favourite ewes before he took the plunge and sold our flock.  He was finding the work involved in looking after over 100 sheep plus their lambs just a bit too much in addition to his full time job off the farm, and so made the tough decision to sell them.

I thought that this pastel painting was almost complete, needing just a few minor tweaks.  However, looking at it now after not seeing for a few weeks, I think it will need some major tweaks.  I find it helpful to put a piece of art away for a bit, and then look at it with fresh eyes.  A little bit of distance helps me to see things I might miss when I am deep into creating.

I see now that I have too many hard edges, especially at the edges of the shadows in the wool.  The photo was taken in very bright winter sunlight which creates very well-defined shadows. I think I will take a bit of artistic license and soften things up a bit.