And why wouldn't they?  They are a thing of beauty.  I love wellington boots the way some women love their Jimmy Choo's or Ferragamo's. 

And these Hunter wellies are so red.  And shiny.  And sexy.

My old wellies (wellie wanna be's) are pink plaid.  I loved them, too.  We had some good, down and dirty times together, but after only two years, they are worn out.  Faded and full of holes, they are finished.  I've been wearing them anyway, because I could not find replacements in my small town, and couldn't afford any that I saw in the City.  Resigned to having to buy regular gumboots,  I was flabbergasted to open my birthday gift from my sweet husband and daughter and find Real Wellington Boots!  And they were Red!  I was immediately smitten.  I even wore them around the house when I couldn't get outside because of the Big Blizzard.

Another thing I love about my new wellies is how tall they are.  Not quite tall enough for the huge snowdrifts left by the latest blizzard, but perfect for wading in creeks, puddle jumping, and walking through fields after a rainshower. 

Real Wellies. Real RED Wellies.  What more could a girl ask for?
So angels, I'm not sharing.  You will have to buy your own Red Boots!

*My sincere apologies to Elvis Costello, for changing the lyrics to his excellent song "The Angels Wanna Wear my Red Shoes"