This was a Christmas gift for my daughter, so I wasn't able to post this before the fact.  As often is the case with gifts I create for my family, I wasn't able to finish it in time (I have a difficult time saying no to last minute commissions from clients!), so I gave it to her as a work-in-progress.  It is still incomplete, most of the individual images need finishing, and then it needs some tweaking to pull the whole thing together.  

This mixed media portrait montage is of Tilly, my daughter's beloved Jack Russel Terrier, who died suddenly last August at the age of 12.  She was a fierce hunter of squirrels and groundhogs, sometimes managing to climb trees in her enthusiasm for the chase. A great friend of our two Border Collies, she would play crazy, silly games with them, which involved much running around in circles, and grabbing of ears and tails. Amazingly enough for a Jack Russel Terrier, she was also very laid back, quite the couch potato and enjoying many long naps stretched out on the grass soaking up the sun.  We miss her very much.

I apologize for the rather poor image.  It is too big to fit on my scanner, and the day was very dull and cloudy, so not enough light for my camera.  When I finish the portrait I will get a better image, I promise!