Martha, over at An Artist's Journal, has issued a Before and After Challenge.  The Challenge involves showing photos of a painting which one has reworked into something different.

I've been doing that for a few months now with some of the paintings with which I am not completely happy.

Here is one of them:

This was originally titled "Where the Eagles Fly" and was created for the Biker's Reunion Cancer Fundraiser in which I participated last year.  I finished this on a tight deadline, and was never happy with it. I never felt that it was finished, in spite of trying several times to do so.  Finally, I decided that what it really wanted was to be an under painting.  What a relief that was!  This is what resulted after a few layers of acrylic paint and oil stick:

Maternal, mixed media on canvas, 8 x 8".  Julie A. Brown 

I'm very happy that I made the decision to rework the original painting.  I like to think that the eagles are there in the background, supporting and giving strength to the mare and foal on their journey.